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Bulk Bamboo Toothbrushes Manufacturing with Unlimited Customization

We’re a bamboo toothbrush manufacturer that comes with one value: protect our mother nature together with your brand, right from manufacturing. By using natural bamboo materials, we contribute our strengths to do good in manufacturing.

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Our Manufacturing Advantages

Small to Large Volume

We can start with low MOQ as well as large volume for big orders. Thanks to our flexible manufacturing system, we can handle any requirements to satisfy you.

Cleanroom Manufacturing

Your bamboo toothbrush requires hygiene production environment where our factory is the perfect place. We have Class 100,000 Cleanroom facilities to ensure quality and safety of your products.

With All Certificates

We’re CE, RoHS, FCC, FDA, BSCI, ISO 3001:2015, SGS, FSC certified, and we can provide all kinds of testing reports to safeguard the quality of bamboo toothbrushes we produced.

Why Vaturals Factory

Some of our advantages that we’re proud of to be your OEM/ODM manufacturer. More Our Benefits

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Self-owned bamboo material factory

The best materials come from the material grown under our quality control. Our factory located in the best bamboo material source in China, which will offer you 5% lower material cost in the market.

Automatic Machinery and New Engraving Line

Automatic cutting and engraving machinery line ensures 30% efficiency higher than other factories and our defect rate drops to 0.01%.

ISO Certified Quality Control

A complete and strict quality management system to provide quality assurance. Also we can offer 100% refund for defect products.

Experienced Shipping

We can help save up to 50% consolidation cost and offer full recording for container loading, photo and video.






Days of

We’re the Expert in Bamboo Toothbrush Manufacturing

Vaturals combines local production and services with UK and China manufacturing to lower costs and reduce lead times. For OEMs with low-to-medium volumes, we provide a flexible manufacturing plus the responsiveness you can’t get from large contract manufacturers at those run rates.

We deliver best manufacturing to bamboo toothbrushes OEM & ODM order. Specializing in toothbrush customization and one-stop packaging, count on us from design to production.

Various Clients.

Oral Brands
Dental Clinics
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History As Bamboo Toothbrush Factory

Established in 2012 in China, Vaturals is a company making eco-friendly personal care products and we focus on bamboo toothbrushes for a long time. Our products are available in thousands of supermarkets, dental clinics, and eco-commerce. We develop health/wellness products that are eco-friendly and socially responsible with an innovative twist.

We begin our journey as an OEM/ODM factory to brands and clinics with our vision. Can we change our ways of production to save our planet? Can we help provide products to those brands that want to do something good for Earth? The answer is yes! As a factory, Vaturals keeps improving our production techniques and services to better serve global companies.

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