Why Vaturals

As Bamboo Toothbrush Manufacturer


Bristle Materials Safe for Sensitive Teeth and Gums

The ergonomically designed handle gives a firm grip and our carefully selected bristles are soft on sensitive teeth and gums yet firm enough.

DuPont filaments


Accurate Humidity Control to Avoid Mouldy

13% accurate humidity control, to avoid mildew or seasoning crack.



Class 100k Cleanroom Manufacturing Plant

Low level of pollutants to guarantee high level of cleanliness.



Any Type of Customization in One Place

Logo engraving, colorful bristles, branded packaging boxes…all under one roof.



No Matter Small or Large Order Quantity

Flexible enough to support any bamboo toothbrush business level.


In-House Bamboo Toothbrush Manufacturing Lines

Nowdays, it’s not that easy to find yourself a true factory that can support you with everything you need in bamboo toothbrushes – in-house production, quality control, 24hrs video check and free samples available.

Running a bamboo toothbrush factory can be difficult while meaningful. It’s our honor to help your create your brand’s hotsell products with 100% natural materials.

bamboo toothbrush factory of Vaturals
Biodegradable bamboo toothbrush manufacturer Vaturals
Vaturals bamboo toothbrush factory line
Vaturals bamboo toothbrush factory line
Vaturals bamboo toothbrush factory line
Eco bamboo wooden toothbrushes factory in China Vatural
bamboo toothbrush factory of Vaturals

100% Branding

Bamboo toothbrushes are becoming increasingly popular among consumers around the world. They are made out of natural materials like wood and bamboo. If your company is looking for starting bamboo toothbrushes business, or just need a new qualified manufacturer, Vaturals is your right choice.

colorful bamboo toothbrushes manufacturer

Colors, Shape, Engraving, Bristles…Any Ideas?

From bristles down to handle, the overall bamboo toothbrush is fully customized. This promise includes the shape of handle, logo engraving, color printing on handle, color of bristles and softness of bristles. In 1o years of manufacturing for most top brands, spray printing and logo engraving are most popular for customization, while soft and sustainable bristles are future.

Make Vaturals Your Responsible Choice

FSC bamboo toothbrushes


Our toothbrush is already partly certified by FSC. We are working towards all our toothbrushes bearing this seal soon.

bamboo materials

Renewable Raw Materials

Bamboo – as you might have already guessed – is our raw material. We have also selected other sustainable materials like wood.

responsible bamboo toothbrush factory

Responsible Production

Our production takes place where our raw material grows. For some products that is in China where bamboo has best growing conditions.

Know More about Us When Comparing with Other Manufacturers

Do dentists recommend your toothbrush?

Some of our clients are dental clinics that offer bamboo toothbrushes made in our factory to their patients. We have also received many positive feedback from dental hygienists, dental assistants and dentists. We also consult with dental healthcare professionals in developing new, innovative bamboo toothbrushes.

What’s the MOQ of bamboo toothbrushes?

Bamboo toothbrushes MOQ starts with 500 pcs. In order to ensure the quality of all our bamboo toothbrushes, a complete line of automation machines must be working at one time so that there must be a MOQ to get machines running.

What’s the difference between Vaturals and other bamboo toothbrush manufacturer?

First of all, Vaturals is a bamboo products factory in China. We focus on bamboo toothbrushes and related packaging solutions to support sustainable brands. Secondly, Fair prices is important for our clients. As a manufacturer, we can fully control our production and think thoughtfully of your budget.

Did any top toothbrush brands work with you?

Yes but because of Non-disclosure agreement, details can’t be unveiled here. We’ve worked with many e-commerce brands as well as world-class supermarkets, offering long-term contract manufacturing.

Is the overall bamboo toothbrush sustainable?

As a professional manufacturer, we honestly share a fact with you: 99% components of a bamboo toothbrush are biodegradable. Why is that? The bamboo handle is 100% biodegradable, but bristle is not. Even with best biodegradable bristle from DuPont, still some chemicals which play an important role in bristle stability, need to be remained in the bristles. With our innovation with bristles, we can make 99.9% of bamboo toothbrushes biodegradable. Never believe any manufacturers with 100% biodegradable in advertising.

What’s the lead time?

As fast as 3 days. For pre-designed style in our factory, we can make ship them in 3 days. If you need customization, the overall timeline is 3~6 days according to the production process.

From 500 to 10,000,000+ pcs – Reputable Bamboo Toothbrush Factory to Your Business

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