How to Order Bulk Bamboo Toothbrush in India

Consumers are increasingly aware of the threat brought about by plastic pollution, making them strongly reconsider lifestyle choices. It’s partly the reason why the global market for compostable toothbrush continues to grow each year. Organic, bamboo-based toothbrushes are quickly becoming the most preferred alternative to nonrecyclable brushes polluting the earth.

Experts forecast a fast-growing market for a bamboo toothbrush in India and the Asia-Pacific in the next five years. The Indian segment has a huge consumer base whose population shows interest in adopting eco-friendly dental care solutions. Simply put, there’s a great opportunity awaiting your business once you decide to explore this market.

Is it worth making biodegradable toothbrush bulk orders in India? How should you go about the wholesale process? You can get the answers to these questions through this guide.

What Are Bamboo Toothbrushes?

A bamboo toothbrush is like any manual toothbrush consisting of three parts: the handle, bristles, and metal staple.bamboo toothbrushes with paper packaging

However, the plastic handle on regular models is replaced by a flexible and durable bamboo material. Some models may use all-natural bristles instead of nylon to improve the eco-friendliness of the product.

As a compostable product, bamboo toothbrushes help reduce the user’s carbon footprint by eliminating plastic waste. The wooden material decomposes naturally after disposal. Although the thermoplastic nylon bristle is non-compostable, it biodegrades much faster than hard plastic. It is also recyclable, which further allows the user to lessen their environmental impact.

Several studies related to bamboo show that it has antimicrobial properties, which can help improve oral hygiene. Bamboo toothbrush models with charcoal-infused bristles can remove stains and whiten the teeth. These and more are the reasons why professionals recommend it over plastic brushes.

Hygiene experts approve of organic dental kits, which is why your business should also consider purchasing bamboo toothbrushes wholesale. How should you start?

What to Consider When Bulk Buying Bamboo Toothbrush in India

If you run a clinic, retail, or hospitality business, purchasing bamboo toothbrushes by batch is cost-effective. Here are a few useful tips to get you started.

Buying biodegradable toothbrush in bulk

A wholesale transaction is basically placing an order for a high volume of bamboo toothbrushes at once. It’s the opposite of retail buying, wherein the consumer purchases only for their personal use. For wholesale, you almost always buy the product in bulk to avail yourself of discounted prices.different color of bamboo toothbrushes

The main purpose of this setup is to allow you to make a profit out of your purchase. Your end customers pay the additional costs, which include logistic fees for storing and buying bamboo toothbrushes in bulk.

For example, if you buy a four-piece set of organic toothbrushes at $12 then markup the price at around $20. Raising the price gives you a gross profit of $8. However, this amount will vary depending on the wholesaler’s prices at the time you purchase it. It’s one thing to keep in mind when purchasing inventory for your business.

The supplier may set parameters if you want to transact with them. Some will require a minimum order, which is the lowest number of products you should buy to get the discount. This cutoff allows the wholesaler to hit their revenue targets and ensure their profitability, too.

Types of wholesalers

Before you order a bulk bamboo toothbrush in India, you should know that there are different types of wholesalers out there.


Some bamboo toothbrush manufacturers allow the wholesale purchase of their products. When you buy directly from a manufacturer, you also potentially eliminate middlemen transaction fees. The only catch is that buying directly from a manufacturing business isn’t always available. You may have to consider getting your supply elsewhere if the manufacturer does not allow bulk buying.

Merchant wholesalers

Sometimes, a manufacturer’s minimum order requirement prevents you from purchasing natural toothbrushes for your startup or small business. If that is the case, you can turn to merchant wholesalers that sell to both retail stores and end customers.

Retail wholesalers

Retail wholesalers allow you to purchase a large batch of organic toothbrushes for a slightly marked up price. In this aspect, retail wholesaling is a middleman transaction since they come between you and the manufacturer. On the plus side, this type of wholesaler usually offers bamboo toothbrushes made by different manufacturing companies. That means more options for you!

B2B marketplaces

Online marketplaces let you shop around for the best priced bamboo toothbrushes bulk that fits your budget. Think of it as a brochure that includes important information regarding the product. You can easily browse through a wide selection and order conveniently through the platform.

Which bamboo toothbrushes wholesale option should you pick?

Some businesses work with different wholesale partners at the same time to broaden their inventory. However, collaborating with a specific supplier allows you to maintain the quality of your purchases. You don’t have to worry about keeping in contact with multiple customer representatives if you have a query or purchase order.customized bamboo toothbrushes

For instance, working exclusively with the Vaturals manufacturing company helps you build your brand in one go. You can experience their outstanding customer support while getting your steady supply of high-quality bamboo toothbrushes without hassle. They offer private level and eco-branding services, which means the products they produce can become completely yours, too.

What to Remember When Buying in Bulk

Here’s a quick guide when you are ready to buy bamboo toothbrushes from the supplier:

  • Contact the manufacturer. Firstly, you need to talk directly to a customer representative to inquire about their wholesale policy.
  • Try to negotiate. Your profitability is at stake when buying bulk orders. If you want to get the best prices, you should negotiate the price point that works best for your business.
  • Ask for a sample. It’s ideal to work with a manufacturer that can provide a sample for you before proceeding with a wholesale transaction. This way, you can confirm if the quality of the bamboo toothbrush suits your preference.
  • Prepare storage. You must get ready to store your bulk purchase in a clean and secure storage area. That’s how you can maintain the integrity of the items and maximize their shelf life.


Collaborating with a manufacturer like Vaturals can help you save up on your wholesale purchase. It also enables you to meet your sustainability targets for everything, from the materials to the production and packaging. It’s a plus for your business to partner with a manufacturing company that has the same advocacy as you.

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